Located on the southern shores of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second biggest island, picturesque Savusavu has for hundreds of years attracted visitors.

From the sailors who visited in the 18th and 19th centuries to trade for copra and the region’s rich harvests of sea cucumbers and more latterly, the hundreds of SCUBA divers eager to see first-hand the colourful soft coral and magnificent marine life that have earned this corner of Fiji a world-wide reputation.

But Savusavu today is gaining international prominence for yet another gift from the sea – the beautiful and very differently coloured pearls farmed by local producer J.Hunter Pearls which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The local pearl farming industry was founded by local Justin Hunter in 2000 and today provides a much needed source of income for many of Savusavu’s people.

While the company’s showroom located on the main street of Savusavu town attracts many visitors, still more take advantage of the opportunity to see first-hand the pearl pastures and discover the secrets of pearl farming as part of a short tour which is easily organised by any of the nearby hotels and resorts.

These range from the medium priced Savusavu Hot Springs Hotel, Daku Resort and Naveria Heights Lodge through to the Koro Sun Resort, Jean Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort and the stunning Namale Resort.

Fiji pearls are remarkable for their intense hues and are featured prominently in many fine jewelry collections.

The company’s pearls recently stole the show at the one of North America’s premier society events, the prestigious New York Botanical Garden Annual Orchid Dinner when they formed the centre piece of an elaborate orchid presentation placed on the President’s table at the dinner.