Fijian Shell carver Peter and Andreas Frey reside in the coastal township of Lami, near the Fijian capital Suva. The father and son duo are well known for their unique wearable art pieces made from shells and in particular the mother of pearl shell. Pacific flora and cultural symbols such as tattoo feature heavily in their work.

Originally from Bavaria in Germany, Peter came to Fiji on a yacht in 1969 and decided to drop anchor for good. Influenced by the wood carvers in the Bavarian mountains, he first took to carving black coral and later moved to shells when its sale was banned. Son Andreas has followed in his footsteps, learning the ins and out of shell carving from a tender age.

Together, the Freys work to capture the essence of the Pacific in their jewellery, making each piece with perfect precision by hand.
Each ring, earring, pendant and necklace is artfully matched by hand and the diamonds that we use are graded VS1 to SI 1, H, IJ in colour and clarity.

The beauty of J. Hunter Fiji Pearls, which are unlike any other in the world, is more than skin deep, for they are produced in harmony with local communities and the natural environment.