Shop J.Hunter Pearls Fiji Collection for everyday casual elegance.

The indelible beauty of Fiji is the inspiration behind this organically bold and fun collection designed to bring a casual refinement to your every day look.

The unparalleled hues that have made J. Hunter Pearls world famous take their cue from the country’s rich natural heritage, from cool greens and blues that evoke the turquoise waters in which our pearls are grown to the warm champagne, copper and gold tones reminiscent of tropical sunsets. Our choice of materials is influenced by the traditional Fijian way of life where weaving with sun-dried leaves and marsh reed is still everyday practice. Using organic leather and cord to string and bind our pearls, these natural materials only get better with age, exuding rustic charm with every wear.

We are proud of our work with rural communities, who carry out important components of pearl production and reap the rewards. Of course, we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention the gentle, unhurried pace of life in the islands. We wanted to convey this relaxed island vibe in this collection and do away with the fussiness usually associated with pearls (think black-tie and cocktails) while retaining their natural elegance.