Terms and Conditions


Our Promise to our Customers

J Hunter Pearls proudly produces Fiji Pearls, the exquisite natural gems of the South Pacific. Our pearls are renowned for their beautiful hues of soft pastels and exceptionally bold tones. J Hunter Pearls is the exclusive source of the rare, highly sought after “Fiji Gold.”

We guarantee our pearls are neither dyed nor colour enhanced in any way.


Our Method of Sales

As a small, boutique operation in the remote Fiji Islands, we work with you via email and phone, to help choose the pearls and jewelry that matches your needs. Generally all sales are final and we don’t accept returns or exchanges. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to making your purchase and delivery.



We ship to international locations around the world. We use international courier DHL to ship our jewelry. Insurance is available for an extra charge (ask us and we’ll help you with this). Shipping charges vary by destination, but we will help you accordingly.