Discover our pioneering story on an educational pearl farm tour and learn about the complex process of culturing Fiji pearls and the ecological benefits our pearl farms have on the surrounding marine environment and the communities we engage with.

Tours begin at our main headquarters in Savusavu town with a short showroom brief before heading out on the boat with our guide to observe the daily farm activities in spectacular Savusavu Bay. Farm operations change by season, so a visit during the spat harvest will include visiting a village women’s group busy harvesting infant oysters from collectors and preparing them for future grow out on the farm. If you’re lucky you may get to experience our highly skilled pearl technicians performing the delicate surgical procedure of seeding oysters or the exciting pearl harvest, when new pearls are seen for the very first time, when they are carefully extracted from the oysters. Harvests happen twice a year usually from March to May and August to October.

Bring snorkelling gear and a towel along for an underwater perspective, with a visit to our giant clam nursery, home to four vulnerable and almost endangered species, a tour highlight. These ocean heavyweights can weigh up to 400 pounds and grow up to four feet. The unique colours and psychedelic patterns of their mantles, seen when they open their shells to feed, are a must see.

The tour ends at the pearl showroom, guests can view and shop from a wide range of Fiji Pearls and our Signature jewellery collections with the experienced design team available to assist those who would like tocreate their own” special gift.

Registered retailers of Fiji’s Tourist VAT Refund Scheme, eligible customers that spend $500FJD or more at our boutiques are entitled to claim the VAT value back when departing Fiji at Nadi International Airport. Bring your passport with you so we can complete the documentation required to claim your refund.

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