Pearling in Fiji and the Pacific owes a lot to two Japanese gentlemen, Tokito and Wada, who arrived in the 1960’s to set up Fiji’s first pearl farm near the former capital Ovalau on the island of Levuka. Wada, a pearl technician by trade, left shortly after to French Polynesia and was instrumental in establishing the first black pearl farm. Tokito continued to farm pearls at different locations around Fiji with limited success.

Almost four decades later marine biologist, Justin Hunter, returned from studying and working for a family owned shellfish company, Taylor Shellfish in the United States to his hometown of Savusavu in Northern Fiji to embark on an exciting new venture. A first generation pearl farmer, J. Hunter Pearls Fiji was established 1n 1999.

A perfect partnership between Man & Nature.

Savusavu Bay, located on Fiji’s second largest island of Vanua Levu, provides the perfect environment for cultivating Fiji’s premiere luxury gem – the Fijian Pearl. These calm and nutrient-rich waters, backed by a strong community spirit, and dedicated farm management produce some of the most vibrant coloured saltwater pearls found in the world today.

Organic by nature, our pearls are a testament of the pristine natural environment of Northern Fiji, where the oysters that bear them are carefully nurtured by local villagers J.Hunter employs.


At the core of our philosophy, and day-to-day business practice is the preservation of our precious marine environment. J.Hunter adheres to a strict Environmental Code of Practice. A working document that has set the benchmark for sustainable pearl farming in Fiji’s Pearl industry.