Good news came to the pearl world with the results of J. Hunter’s third annual auction of Fiji pearls.

J. Hunter Pearls Fiji brought home stunning results given the state of the South Sea pearl markets. The J. Hunter team attributes this success to their commitment to staying the course originally laid out. Their concept started at the farm level by producing very special pearls of both color and size while making sure to benefit the Fijian fishing rights owners around their farms.

When the company made the move to sell their pearls at auction, they made a consciencentious decision to work with a small core of buyers, going away from an open door policy. This commitment to a partnership with their buyers paid off with 100% of their lots sold.

Regarding J. Hunter’s unique pearl colors, GIA recently examined J. Hunter’s Fiji pearls, after a request by Gerhard Hahn Company. GIA found a remarkable spectrum of color tones ranging from blue and green (cool tones) to orange and yellow (warm tones) with very high saturation of color. (see, Summer 2009 GIA)